NUTRI-KNOW Deliverables

Deliverable Description
D6.1 Project Quality Management Plan PQMP
D1.1 Inventory and analyses of selected OGs outcomes on nutrient management
D1.2 Inventory of current farming practices on nutrient management
D4.1 DEC Master Plan
D4.3 Project website
D6.2 Ethics Plan
D6.3 Project Data Management Plan PDMP
D1.3 Results of the cost-benefit and sustainability analysis
D6.4 Risk and mitigation measures report
D2.1 Matchmaking of OG outcomes with market and policy
D2.2 Mapping of stakeholders and target audience
D1.4 Meta-database after initial analyses of the OGs outcomes
D2.3 Report on need and barriers for user acceptance
D3.1 6 Booklets on nutrient management
D3.4 Practice Abstracts - batch I
D4.2 Updated DEC Master Plan
D3.2 Kit of practice-oriented material
D3.5 Practice Abstract - batch II
D3.6 Educational material (MOOC) to be used for targeted dissemination
D5.1 Conceptualisation of the Results Amplification Methodology
D6.5 Risk and mitigation measures report updated
D3.3 Updated Kit of practice-oriented material based on feedback
D3.7 Updated educational material (MOOC) based on feedback
D5.2 Final Results Amplification Methodology
D4.4 Best Practices of dissemination, communication and networking actions
D4.5 Report on training activities
D4.6 Community of practice outcomes
D4.7 Policy briefs
D5.3 Report on exploitation and adoption of the Results Amplification Methodology
D6.6 Report on NUTRIKNOW's collaboration on specific events to maximise project‘s results