Future Farming

Future farming is a young agricultural company focusing on improving agriculture outcome, supporting organic agriculture, recovery of nutrients from side streams from agro/industrial companies and market new sustainable products. Future farming consults as a nutrient specialist by supply analysis and nutrient program building, side stream validation research, and new (sustainable) farming methods. Future farming also sells (organo) fertilizers for organic certified agriculture. The strength of future farming is its strong practical and theoretical approach. Future farming guides market/product development and research both for Europe, Middle east, and Asia for agricultural related companies. The owner is agricultural engineer with wide network and practical knowledge. Clients of Future farming are:

  • Farmers (business plans, sparing partner, analyzing agricultural methods, etc),
  • Distributors (portfolio analysis, trend advice, market development, selling fertilizers, etc)
  • Producers (side stream validation),
  • Exporters (guiding in focus countries and possible network access),
  • Bio-gas plants (validation of streams, upgrading projects, increasing biogas yield, etc). 

Future Farming is a bridge builder guiding and solving your sustainable projects.

Future Farming