ManuREsource 2021 is postponed to 11-12-(13) May 2022

Local restrictions to stop the further increase of the COVID19-infection rate in The Netherlands, were communicated by the Dutch Government during a press conference on 12 November 2021.

These local restrictions prevent the organization of ManuREsource 2021 on 24-25-26 November 2021.

Therefore, the ManuREsource organizing committee decided tonight that ManuREsource 2021 will be postponed to spring 2022, in order to be able to organise a safe fifth edition of ManuREsource with all the well-known aspects of the previous successful editions.

The current program will be transferred as much as possible to the postponed edition.

If you already registered for the conference, this registration remains valid for the postponed edition.

We will communicate as soon as possible a new date for the conference after contacts with the venue and will keep you further informed on the program of the postponed edition.

Questions? Do not hesitate to contact the secretariat: info@manuresource.org.